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About Us

We are Holmvig, DeWitt, Gallion & Associates, LLC. We appreciate the opportunity to provide Land Surveying services for your project.

The Holmvig name has been providing Land Surveying services to the Pacific Northwest since 1968. As of January 1st 2012 Gallion was added on to Holmvig, DeWitt, making Holmvig, DeWitt, Gallion & Associates, LLC a full service land surveying company using state of the art equipment with the latest software. We specialize in boundary/lot surveys, ALTA surveys, topographical surveys, platting & short platting, boundary/lot line adjustments, construction staking and consultation/land planning. Our staff has over 40 years experience in the surveying field.

Our work will be thorough and at the appropriate level of detail. HDGA is a family owned and community involved business. Information and analysis will be accurate and objective. Findings will be expressed clearly and concisely. Work will be efficient, timely and cost effective. In this way, we will meet the needs of your project. Holmvig, DeWitt, Gallion & Associates, LLC is committed to maintaining our philosophy of continual improvement, superior service and professionalism.

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